Auto Rage Pte Ltd

Auto Rage Pte Ltd was founded by automotive enthusiasts catering to the premium car care industry. Our core values are to achieve exceptional customer service, to consistently provide strong product offering and to provide robust distribution and support network channels. We chose the word "RAGE" because in the Webster dictionary;

Rage means:
  1. violent and uncontrolled anger b : a fit of violent wrath c archaic : insanity
  2. violent action (as of wind or sea)
  3. an intense feeling : passion
It is precisely the last interpretation that we took Rage into Auto Rage - we are passionate about car care!

The company was incorporated on June 30th 2007 as a Private Limited entity. With a humble beginnings working from a home office, Kelvin Ying began marketing Zaino Show Car Polish products to overseas customers via email and through face to face 'live' demonstrations. His background in international markets started from working on business development projects (in manufacturing) with a strong focus in Asia markets.

The SOHO concept eventually grew with more sales volume and new distribution networks across Asia. We have since moved into an office with warehousing facilities in an approximate 3,000sqft location. We are fully stocked on the full range of Zaino products.
With additional exposure in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand, Zaino US re-appointed Auto Rage as Asia Distributor and we are also Zaino Asia Pacific. We will continue to demonstrate our commitment and full confidence in Zaino by growing the brand so that all car lovers across Asia will recognize and reap the benefits from it.

Authorized Distributors in Asia Pacific